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Isabelle and Moïra are two experienced conference speakers and they are regularly invited to talk about parenting stress and parental burnout. Not only do they both give keynote lectures at scientific conferences, but also they speak in many public conferences and webinars for parents, psychologists, doctors, companies, schools, hospitals, and non-profit associations more broadly. In particular, they have given more than a hundred public lectures over the last two years.

Typically, they are invited to give lectures in very different types of institutions: companies, large public institutions such as the European Council, parents’ associations, municipalities or counties, or institutions dealing with infants, children, or teenagers.

  • Parental exhaustion and burnout
  • Parenting stress
  • The challenges of parenthood
  • Parenting in the 21st century
  • Raising healthy children without burning out
  • The counterproductive effects of the Cult of Childhood
  • Why aiming to be a perfect parent is bad for our children
  • Why do Western parents feel more exhausted than African and Asian parents

Read one of the feedbacks received after their conference at the European Council

This was absolutely the best conference I have attended in the past two years.

First of all, timely: not a minute left to unimportant information. Then, overall it was very compassionate and based on a lot of scientific research…

The speakers were absolutely great, excellently prepared. Truly, I haven´t found a weak point on this conference. Thank you!

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Then contact Moïra and Isabelle to request their participation through the form below. Specifically, they can speak in conferences, keynote lectures, or webinars on one of the above topics at any time, remotely or in real life. On the other hand, please notice that Isabelle and Moïra’s schedules are often very busy, due to their jobs. It is therefore desirable if you contact them as soon as you can, several weeks and ideally months ahead of your event.

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